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Agency Liaison & Close-Out Specialist

Ms. Blase is our full-time, in-house Agency Liaison and Close-Out Specialist, who is 100% dedicated to DSA processing. She brings years of experience specializing in obtaining building permits from multiple city agencies throughout Riverside and San Diego Counties. Due to her experience, she is up for any challenge put in front of her and will spend as much time as necessary on a project to ensure all deadlines are meet ahead of schedule.



  • Close-out Specialist with numerous school districts managing the close-out process with DSA.

  • Works with school district clients closing out older projects completed by other architectural firms.

  • Acquired more than then (10) permits from the California State Lands Commission within one (1) year for a large environmental consulting firm. Several of the permit processes included navigable waterways under the jurisdiction of the CA State Lands Commission and under waterways subject to jurisdiction by the State Department of Water Resources. Multiple jurisdictions also required Building and Planning Department approvals.

  • Oversaw Building and Planning Department permit acquisition throughout the entire State of California. 

  • Worked on a team that obtained approvals from the California Coastal Commission with many cities throughout Southern California.

  • Building and Planning Department permit acquisitions for telecommunications and solar installations in numerous city and county jurisdictions throughout the entire state.

  • Successfully acquired permits for linear installations of fiber-optic cables from Cal-Trans and multiple local agencies.

  • Performed environmental assessments and acquired building and planning permits for multiple wireless antenna construction sites.

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